• born in Gali, Georgia, USSR, in 1946
• graduate of the Art College in Sukhumi
• graduate of the State Academy of the Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia
• member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1985

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“The art of Alexey Kvaratskhelia is distinguished by its originality, high expression, and elaborately imaginative system. Based on creative abstraction, the art of this Master has a symbolic, rather than realistically descriptive character. Kvaratskhelia’s art is conceptual. But, unlike most modern conceptualists, he does not try to hide the meaning of his works. There is a luminous and dramatic world of emotions, where life is a play and people are the actors in this play. The play of life cannot get rid of masks, so the theme of the mask is one of the main themes for the artist. The canvases invite all of us to conceive philosophically our so simple - and yet so complex - life.” – Nadezhda Belfor, Art Researcher, Fellow of the State Russian Museum, Laureate of the Russian Ministry of Culture Award in the field of Art and Culture, 1996

EXHIBITIONS (personal and group - partial list):
1976 – “Republican Exhibition of Young Painters of Georgia,” Tbilisi
1983 – exhibition of Abkhazian painters, Sukhuni
1991 – gallery of modern art, under the F.M. Dostoyevskiy Museum, St. Petersburg
1991 – Piraeus Gallery, Greece1996 – Masters Guild Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2000 – Natalie Boldyreff Gallery, Paris, France“

Aleksey Kvaratskhelia is not a singer of the ‘tragic sense of life.’ His works convey different things: they are life-asserting, creative through all their order. The painter may wonder and grieve, but he is full of that pure and good love of life which always wins.” – T. Chudinovskaya, Art Critic Research Worker, The Department of Paintings of the Second Half of the 19th - 20th centuries of the State Russian Museum, Member of the St. Petersburg Branch of International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

Art by Alexey Kvaratskhelia takes pride of place in many galleries and private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Israel, Finland, USA, Italy, Greece, and Sweden.