• born in the city of Kazan, USSR, in 1947
• graduate of the Kazan School of Art
• graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Art
   and Design

The principal themes of Kurov’s works are ballet, portraits from the realm of fantasy, still lives with theatre paraphernalia, religious compositions and fantasies, as well as cosmic allegories.

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EXHIBITIONS (partial list):

1989/90 – participation in the exhibitions/auctions of Drouot-Richelieu, Paris
1991 – 10-10 Gallery, St. Petersburg1991 – Nurland, Norway
1991 – Hamilton, Canada
1992/1993/1994/1995 – “New Romantics of St. Petersburg” (Zerkalo/ATUS Galleries)
1994 – MALAUKSIA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland1996 – Bremen, Germany
1997 – personal exhibition at the Zerkalo Gallery, St. Petersburg
1998 – Vincent Louis Gallery, New York, USA
1999 – “Russian Resplendence Exhibition,” Fred Kavil Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2000 – LaPalette Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
2001 – “Russian Resplendence II Exhibition,” Los Angeles, CA, USA
2003 – “Eclectic Russian Contemporary Art,” Barette Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004 – Helsinki, Finland

Kurov’s works are represented in many private, museum, and theatre collections all over the world, the majority being found in USA, France, and Japan.