a.k.a. Gadjiev

(a husband and wife duo who complete their paintings together)

• Sabir born1967, in Kiev, Ukraine; Sveta born 1963, in Cheliabinsk, Russia
• Both graduates (1993) of the Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (founded by Catherine the Great), the highest education available to an artist in Russia

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“Metaphysical realism” is a term which has been used by art experts to describe the unique and intriguing paintings by the Gadzhievs. “We are trying to capture a specific dynamic,” say this couple, “to create an unusual universe, using unexpected combinations of oil and watercolor technique, involving multi-level surfaces and clear-line graphics. ”Sabir and Sveta have a solid professional foundation involving a classical art education. Despite being trained in the strict tradition of Russian realism, they have chosen to use their extraordinary craftsmanship and creative ability to present their personal perception of the world. Their “theatrical” compositions contain various levels of meaning, often employing odd but elusively familiar images, while being frequently devoted to the theme of music.

EXHIBITIONS (partial list):
1994-97 – touring exhibition, “Artists of Russia” (England)
1998 – “Artists of the Northwest,” Gallery Sophia, Santa Barbara, CA USA
1999 – “City of Sand” exhibition, Gdansk, Poland
2000 – “Colorful Dreams for Adults” exhibition, Gallery Valencia, St. Petersburg
2000 – Latvian General Consulate Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 – “Artauction 2002,” Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2003 – Zurich, Switzerland

The paintings of Sveta and Sabir Gadzhiev (Gadjiev) are represented in various European collections (particularly Spain), as well as in USA.